Bernard Goetz — Remember Him?

Bernard Goetz shot a number of men who had cornered him on a train.  Race, class, education; all of the zeitgeist hot buttons were at play.  We’ve spent nearly forty years hearing A) nothing or B) condemnation of Goetz.  Those who lived through the coverage at the time (me), who were old enough to really consider the arguments at play (me, not so much), and who at any rate were paying attention (definitely not me) will probably have a different memory of the thing than those who have learned of it more recently, or less directly.

Bernard Goetz insisted on testifying/confessing because he wanted to make his argument.


4 thoughts on “Bernard Goetz — Remember Him?”

  1. OMG! I was living my first year in NYC when Goetz took his stand on the subway. At that time (pre-Giuliani), the city was one hot mess- dangerous, filthy, and covered in graffiti.

    I don’t mind admitting that as a young Midwestern girl, poor as a church mouse and forced to take less than safe transportation to work everyday, I considered him a hero.

    I still do.

  2. I was in high school at the time of the shootings, but lived in NYC in the summers of ’87 and ’88.  So I was thoroughly exposed to the case.  Bernhard Goetz was a hero in my eyes, and still is.


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