Nigel F looking on the sunny side

Newsweek (yes, they still exist) has a guest editorial from Nigel Farage.  The bulk of the column is a review of President Trump’s State of the Union address, seemingly aimed at British readers.

Of interest to Ratburghers, here is the conclusion:

I was fortunate enough to have a meeting with Mr Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday evening, soon after the impeachment process was defeated. If the Democrats thought they could wear him down, I can confirm they are sorely mistaken. Trump’s base is now more determined to go and vote for him than ever. With just a little bi-partisanship, so much could have been achieved in infrastructure projects and much else since 2016. But the swamp decided it would continue to attempt to delegitimize the President. This does not impress middle America.

There are still nine long months to go until the election, but it is worth noting that Donald Trump’s personal popularity is now at its high point and, barring any disasters, he seems set to return to the White House for four more years. This should be great news for the newly independent Britain, freed from the shackles of the European Union, but I am afraid a dark cloud hangs over the country at present. The recent decision of the UK government to involve the Chinese technology firm Huawei in the creation of our 5G network imperils not just intelligence sharing but a future trade deal passing in Congress. Forming ties with this company is proving to be a monumental mistake at a time when the special relationship should be flourishing.

I travelled back to London having thoroughly enjoyed the week and was pleased to see, on landing, that some senior figures in the Conservative Party have also stood up to denounce the Huawei deal as a disaster. Let us hope that this decision can be suspended and overturned, and that we can get the special relationship back on track. Perhaps the UK’s new ambassador to Washington, Karen Pierce, will help. Then again, maybe I am being too optimistic. She is a career Foreign Office type in the same mould as her predecessor, Kim Darroch. When will Downing Street learn?


3 thoughts on “Nigel F looking on the sunny side”

  1. 10 Cents:
    I used to love getting my Newsweek but now ….

    Newsweek was always Leftist, but did not fall completely into the Leftist ditch until the Reagan Administration.   They went full anti-Christian later in the 1980s, when they became one of the newsweeklies who could be counted on to run some anti-Christian cover story for Easter.   When Jon Meacham became managing editor in 2006, Newsweek became such a champion for same-sex “marriage” that they ended up bankrupt by 2010 and were sold (by WashPo) for one dollar to Daily Beast.   (I still recall their long cover feature “What the Bible Says About Sex,” which was written by a couple of old Jesus Seminar Atheists.)

    Nigel must be either really hard up for places to place his column, or else he is listening to the wrong Americans.   Probably the latter.

    Maybe we could send him a list of Nevers to avoid ?

  2. MJB, agree with all points, but maybe Farage isn’t the hard-up end of this transaction.  Newsweek is still widely read, if unprofitable, and it’s good to see his message get into the leftysphere.


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