So What Is the POTUS Strategy?

From early statements it seemed POTUS was trying to portray Corona as another version of the seasonal corona virus, which it is. However, he sensed the media, the rogue IC, the Deep State on the Chinese payroll and such would try and make it the panic of the century.

He shifted gears, set fire to the best economy ever and decided to create a new show for us all. Wartime President, with fireside chats and team photos. All hands on deck, all well know brand names jumping on board for PR and a taste of the stimulus package.

He outflanked the Deep State and the media by not relying on the bureaucracy but blowing up most of their smokescreen for inaction.

He put bureaucrats on TV daily , the ones he picked thriving in the chaos, used to owning responsibility and the entrenched ones like deer in the headlights as their rules and regulations and ‘proper procedure’ went up in flames, leaving them naked before the folks who pay their salaries.

He has the media now labelled as anti American, doom and gloom naysayers who are obnoxious on camera.

When an off patent cheaper than cheap drug looks good, you know the medical bureaucracy will see no grift in that and try and use extreme caution, favoring a more expensive solution that magical post government positions will appear for their efforts to skim off the crisis.

Trump touts it, gets a former adversary but also a man with actual results needed to stay alive, Cuomo in NY to jam it in and the feather merchants are foiled again.

All that is tactics now. If the treatment can be shown to work, the panic subsides and eyes will then look to restart the engine and stop the drift before we run this sucker aground.

So what is the next stage?

My bet- Red States will begin to loosen the restrictions on movement except for seniors and high risk folks within two weeks.
The checks will go out. Small business cash flow loans will get shoved out the door to keep the engines of employment open. DOJ creates special initiative to run express chapter 11 cases to stop small and mid sized business failures and keep the companies intact until financing is arranged. Banks will refinance business loans to let companies get back on their feet. The cash flow hit of 2020 will be spread to 2021 through 2025 as long as they rehire.

Leaving the decisions to governors frees Trump from picking sides. Blue states get screwed, red ones thrive. Eventually the restrictions apply to only large blue urban areas and policing it will be real hard in a fair number of minority neighborhoods.

We all come out into the sunshine and Joe Biden begins his response to how he would have done it. No one cares.

We emerge into a world where China is now our main adversary, we now think paying more for MADE in USA is a good idea, and we build the wall and have a border again. Also we will have a fair percentage of kids who tried homeschooling and will want more, plus many will prefer to work from home and demand it as the skill supply drops again.

That is my call, how would you do it?


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6 thoughts on “So What Is the POTUS Strategy?”

  1. I would do it as above, but I still see a rusty lining; the Democrat states will just commandeer whatever they need through the Federal spoils system, leaving Republican states to pay the bill twice.

  2. Good post.  Sound analysis; I don’t see anything to disagree about.

    I also agree with Haakon D.; the Democrats will figure out quickly how to game the new systems.

    What concerns me is that some of the transfer payments needed to preserve our economy are going to gin up entirely new bureaucracies.

  3. I like the analysis and hope it is right. Expect restrictions on movement to be lifted sooner rather than later. For now, folks may be OK with having some time off from work, especially if they’ve been promised some dollars from Uncle Sam. Soon enough, they will tire of this and begin to clamor for a return to normalcy.

    The reality is that, even though we are supposedly on “lockdown” here, very little has changed except many are home from work and we can’t dine in restaurants. Most people aren’t sheltering-in-place the way our rulers would like. I see more people out and about than usual. There’s been more interaction among my neighbors than ever before. Everyone seems to be making a special effort to be nice. It’s like living in Canada or Minnesota. I’m not sure how longer I can handle all this niceness.

    One of my favorite bloggers had some interesting observations today.

     All of sudden, women are home and taking over their domain again.

    In line [at the grocery store], I struck up a conversation with a woman about this topic.

    She told me that she and the other moms are now talking about putting together their own community home schooling operation. I almost laughed out loud a few times as she explained how she and the other moms got a look at what their kids are being taught and how they can do much better. She was bit angry, for example, about the errors they found in the science books the school is using.

    He concluded with

    On the way out, I stopped at a light and noticed that the trees are all starting to turn green and the flowering trees are about to go into peak bloom. Persephone is making her way up from the underworld and all of creation celebrates.The cycle of life is immutable, which means that all things come to end, even plagues. It also means they are replaced by something new. A lot of bad things will come from the great lock-down, but on the other side will be some good things too.

  4. In other good news, this weekend’s print edition of the WSJ had an article entitled “The End of Globalization? Don’t Count on It.” The writer devotes a couple of paragraphs to quotes from pundits foretelling the death of globalism, calling them “dire forecasts” before struggling to explain why they’re all wrong. His argument is that Chinese trade and investments had been rising until last year and he expects that trend to resume.

    As he strains to make his point, he acknowledges that there was already talk of decoupling from China before the WuFlu and that foreign investment in the US peaked in 2016. He goes on to assert, without a reason, that in the post-WuFlu recovery will lead to more cross-border investment than ever.

    This all stinks of desperation: a globalist trying to talk himself and his coreligionists into believing that everything’s going to be okay. They’re running scared and it shows.


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