Amazon Deserves a Competitor

Some entrepreneur should jump up and give Bezos a run for his money Рor  Рour money.

We need an amazon-style outfit specializing in items made in the USA. Or made in the USA plus true, reliable allies.

I am folding laundry at the kitchen table, watching it snow outside, and thinking up names for this new company somebody should get busy with. So far my favorite is

What other instructions can we come up with for the founder of FreeWorld?


4 thoughts on “Amazon Deserves a Competitor”

  1. If you could get the ” A ” top level domain, IE: and make a few subdomains in subdomains, it would be a novel approach and say:

    The heck with true allies.

    Still your idea of “” is good, but somewhat political. You need to add something that would separate it from any political misinterpretations.

  2. Bezos isn’t that bad a guy. Amazon is responsible for selling millions of books written by American authors and is especially useful when you’re looking for a specific book. I don’t even go into Barnes & Noble any more because their huge kiddie section annoys me.


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