So Far, So Good

We’re in that strange phase where the prevention seems unreasonable.  This is exactly how it should feel if it’s working, or if we’re in time, or even if we’re doing the right thing but not enough.

Unfortunately, this is also exactly how it should feel if it’s all nothing.

I’m happy enough with the way things are.  Virginia just shut down dine-in eating, nearly a week after DC and Maryland did.  This makes sense, as VA has a more rural population proportion.  Some local areas had already taken the measure.

The real threat is the Commiecrats trying to use this crisis (yet again) to jam another thousand-plus pages of crap down our throats.  That is the most direct threat we face right now.  Another sugar fix will not help our admittedly diabetic economy.

I’m in favor of NO RELIEF BILL AT ALL in preference to one that must be “negotiated” with these anti-American terrorists.  We do not negotiate with terrorists.


7 thoughts on “So Far, So Good”

  1. Sit back and watch the fun in the “Red On Blue Governor Games”.

    Trump sends the signal  (current target 4/12 for Easter, an appropriately themed holiday for a renewal) to reopen the economy while protecting the seniors and the immunodeficient. Watch the Red State folks crank it open while the Blue State folks dither.  I expect major cities to still be FUBARed for another month.

    It’s a Republic, if you can keep it…

    Watch the real estate prices do a polar reversal between urban and exurban/rural…

    Meanwhile, watch many small businesses work the edge between ‘essential” and “specifically closed”. Part of my income is a stone fabricator who is learning to ‘social distance” his installations, sanitize the site when done and his vendors no longer deliver but will allow pickup for material. His business is neither ‘essential” or “specifically closed” I told him the worst thing he could do is call the state and ask permission. Unless explicitly banned, go for it.

  2. The important thing is, some of us mammals are beginning to peep out of our burrows and look about us again, at the great world.  Wait, um, does this all make sense?  Does ANY of it?  I don’t know the answer, but oh how blessedly good to hear the question!


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