Good Timin’

Back in 1960, the song Good Timing’ by Jimmy Jones was a big hit. I found myself humming it and looked it up as I thought about the important decision as to the timing of impending strategy adjustments near in the future. There will have to be a transition in strategy to deal with Covid-19. This is due to two inescapable facts: 1. There will be some more deaths, regardless and 2. The economy cannot survive many more weeks of the present strategy (and that, itself, will result in long term increases in morbidity and mortality).

Unfortunately, the MSM is not interested in informing. Rather, it is inflaming and attacking President Trump regardless of what he says or does. They are truly disgusting, beneath contempt. Should violence ensue, and I sincerely hope that will not be the case, they will be held largely responsible.

Had we journalists, they would explain what is happening and what must soon change, rather than criticize the President all day, every day for everything he decides and whatever he does not decide. Never mind Gov. Cuomo (ever blaming Trump as he runs, unannounced, for the Dem nomination) refused to purchase thousands of ventilators for just such an emergency a few years ago, but did spend an identical sum providing health insurance for illegals. The MSM would explain that we are now pursuing a policy of suppression of the disease. That is, isolating almost completely from each other in an attempt to abort the exponential increase in infected individuals; and that that strategy is necessarily time-limited.

I imagine policy makers in government are loathe to put what I am suggesting into words for fear that, if they say it explicitly, people may not abide by the rules, knowing at the outset they are limited in duration (the ‘fear factor’ may be necessary in the eyes of policy makers and they may be right). The extent to which this strategy is working should be apparent in the next few days. If it is, we simply cannot extend the duration indefinitely, as the very fabric of society depends upon its continued economic functioning. That future functioning is further jeopardized with every day this level of disruption continues. Again, journalists – at a distance from government and policy makers – could explain what is happening without diluting the force of the official pronouncements to the public – i.e.the media could say what the policy makers ought not yet say themselves about anticipated relaxation of isolation rules. They could normalize expectations rather than anticipatorily stigmatize what must happen – as they are already doing – as yet another Trumpian ‘evil’.

Depending upon the reduction in new infections, the strategy must shift to one of mitigation, instead of suppression. That is, many workers can go back to work and students back to school – with social distancing and other precautions – with continued isolation maintained for only the most vulnerable. There will continue to be some level of infections and deaths  during this mitigation strategy (as there will be with an imperfect suppression). If suppression works sufficiently, it will prevent overwhelming of hospitals. The switch to mitigation will keep the numbers of sick manageable by hospitals, but continue the fewer infections over a longer period of time. Of course, this will be portrayed as evil by the usual suspects. The timing of the change is what matters.

Had we journalists, they would explain the need to remain isolated until advised otherwise and to anticipate that, at the right time, we should be prepared to return to our lives. Rather than wall-to-wall criticism and derogation of the President, they would explain that the timing of such a change is a matter of imperfect judgment (i.e. what they would say if a Dem were in the White House). And that Timin’ is everything! Imperfect. A best guess, based upon imperfect knowledge.

One would not know from the MSM that reasonable people of good will might draw necessary lines at different times. From the reporting (or Democrat talking points – same thing), one might not know that a functioning economy is not merely desirable, it is essential to continued civil existence of this nation. One might get the impression Democrats and their media arm, the MSM, would be happier with complete economic collapse and civil unrest. Their continual message is not subtle. They are far more supportive of Chinese lies and propaganda than they are of the President of the US. Shame.


Author: civil westman

Driven to achieve outward and visible things, I became a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. Eventually, I noticed the world had still not beat a path to my door with raves. Now, as a septuagenarian I still work anesthesia part-time, fly my flight simulator to keep my brain sparking and try to elude that nagging, intrusive reminder that my clock is running out. Before it does, I am trying, earnestly, to find a theory of everything - to have even a brief "God's-eye" view of it all before the "peace which passeth all understanding."

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  1. “My baby’s got gooood timin’! “

    Thanks  CW, great post .  I can’t believe how Trump has been reviled for daring to hope that our country might be resurrected by Easter.   The Dems and their journalist allies are determined to destroy  our country.  Fall their edgeless swords!

  2. I hope there will be a silver lining and we learn how best to balance things in this time of crisis. It will always be the case that some treatments are too expensive so they are not taken. Resources are limited and only go so far.


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