coronavirus investigations

Of course.  We all anticipated this.

In response to requests from Democrats the Inspector General for HHS has launched several new investigations.

An HHS whistleblower claimed last month that more than a dozen healthcare workers who evaluated the first Americans arriving back in the U.S. from Wuhan, China, where the virus originated, did not have the appropriate training or personal protective equipment to treat possible COVID-19 patients safely. The Democrat-led House Ways and Means Committee sent letters to HHS and the HHS watchdog seeking an investigation.


Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, a state hit hard early by the coronavirus including deadly nursing home outbreaks, sent a letter to the HHS inspector general last week asking for an immediate investigation “into all parts of the processes undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services to develop, deploy, and analyze diagnostic tests.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The HHS inspector general’s office said its five inquiries would include:

  • a 400-hospital study about the COVID-19 fight to help “provide HHS operating and staff divisions with timely feedback on how they can support hospitals in responding to COVID-19”;
  • look at whether long-term care facilities that received Medicare or Medicaid funds “complied with new federal requirements for life safety and emergency and infectious disease control preparedness”;
  • an evaluation of how HHS staff “were deployed, trained, and protected when assigned tasks that could entail potential exposure to COVID-19”;
  • an investigation into the “emergency preparedness and response plans and procedures” at unaccompanied immigrant children facilities; and
  • review of the HHS watchdog’s preparedness plans “to inform and assist HHS in its ongoing response efforts.”



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