2 thoughts on “Tik Tok on Tic Tac”

  1. OK, I’m going to comment on the content or the few views of whatever that was.

    What device captured those on video? Camera connected to radar or radar directly saved to digital media like a memory stick?

    I think the whole video or clips I saw are all close to explainable. Why? I’ll tell you why; how can a maneuvering aircraft track something with it’s radar and keep it a seemingly fixed distance from the aircraft, (the size indicates in never gets smaller of farther away nor closer or larger), and yet through turns twists dives and climbs it remains CENTERED in the display. How the hell is this possible. I don’t believe a pilot can keep this pursuit of a UFO tracked so well except for the last moment slipping off the screen and poof.

    The ONLY alternate explanation is a software bug or a technician’s bug.

    Query; What would a magnet or a piece of metal look like if it was inserted, attached or hung from a string inside the nose of one of these aircraft? (technician’s bug)

    Think about it… there is this hollow nose of an aircraft over the fixed phased array radar antenna or over a positional phased array radar antenna. What would a magnet look like inside that nose to the radar.


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