Keep Calm and Sing On

Amid the Sturm und Drang of the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus, here’s an uplifting clip of a wonderful song by Lee Greenwood, appropriately titled “A Love Song”, which he performed live on The Bob Braun Show in 1982.

I am ashamed to say that despite being an avid fan of late ’70s/early ’80s country music, I was unfamiliar with this song until just this past decade. Some years ago, late in the evening on a wonderful date with a lovely young lady, she suggested we find a piano bar to enjoy some after-dinner drinks. I knew just the place: the Uptown Piano Bar in New Braunfels, once dubbed by Ultra Magazine as “the most romantic spot in Texas.” They were right. Sadly, the place closed down some years ago.

Anyway, one of the songs that was played that evening was the one above (not by Greenwood himself, though). I was so taken by the tune that I later looked it up, discovering that is was a song on Greenwood’s major studio debut album: Inside Out.

Simply heartfelt and beautiful.


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