For what it’s worth…. POND

The windstorms HAD TO COME after I took the net off my pond. It did clear up a lot though, and now, unfortunately, I see the devastation. It’s full of stars, er leaves.

But it’s crystal clear and deceptive of depth. The leaves, just about in the middle of the picture, are about two feet down. That’s the deepest part, around 32 inches, (81.28 Centimeters), deep. I did attempt to use a narrow leaf rake to get some leaves out, but the pond will have to wait until I can put a ladder across it and a plank atop the ladder. Then I have to lay on the plank and reach way down to grab handfuls of leaves.

This one, a little blurry because of movement, is one of the original “feeder” fish I bought for about a $0.29 each. I only have two originals left. From nose to tail, he’s pretty darn close to 14 inches, (35.56 Centimeters). Yes he’s a male. In this species males have a more slender body. The female is bulkier. The original female I have is about 12 inches, (30.48 Centimeters) in length. In the first picture she’s the large orange one on the upper left.

No, they are not nishikigoi, ( 錦鯉 ), but just Goldfish, ( 金魚).

Granted some people like the bug eyed goldfish and others with what I consider deformities, me, I’ll just be happy with the long prominent tails on the males.

Just one of the many “good” things to come from Japan.


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