Rolling Stones Democrats Suck Edition

(Language warning due to a few swear words.)

The Trump Boomerang strikes again. This is when Trump is attacked for something and the attack hurts the attacker(s).  The Dems went after Trump over the Ukraine and lo and behold Biden is recorded on the phone talking to the Ukraine. The prosecutor is fired even when there is no evidence. Laws have to be changed to do it. For going against the rule of law Ukraine is rewarded with a billion dollar aid package. You can’t make this up!

The video covers the bias of the media in 2016 and now. They believe that this hurts the Dems because the truth always comes out later.

The video is 16 minutes with the first part about Pelosi. If you want skip to 4:55 where they cover Biden. It is good to listen to the other side.


2 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Democrats Suck Edition”

  1. Thanks for this link.  It was pretty entertaining.

    I have read Taibbi before and remember the name.  I had never heard of this podcast before.

    I find it to be amusing that they titled this show “Useful Idiots.”   Exactly appropriate in context.

    As far as the tapes of Sleepy Joe talking about his quid pro quo to get Prosecutor General Shokin fired, our side should not make large of that until after the Democrat Convention.   At which point we will want to play this tape of Taibbi commenting that the Democrats had spent over six months clamoring over “quid pro quo” and their own candidate’s violation is much worse than what they alleged of Trump.  Also, note that Taibbi scrupulously avoided the word “impeached.”


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