3 thoughts on “Babylon Bee Has a New Biden Policy”

  1. 10 Cents:
    Do you ever wonder if Joe Biden is a plant?

    Not so many months ago a couple of Ratburghers were speculating that the best potential Democrat candidates did not enter the primaries because they felt Trump would be unbeatable.  That was supposedly the reason why the Anti-America Party ended up with Sleepy Joe as their standard-bearer for 2020.

    I never thought that the Party of Death had any better candidates than the losers they put before us in this cycle.  I am beginning to think that the entire project has exhausted itself of any real people.  All they have are shape-shifters, triangulators, and assorted kooks.

    Back to Joe Biden:  hasn’t he been showing flashes of dementia for over a year?   How is it that the the Best And Brightest allowed him to become their candidate, just as Wuhan Virus gave them an opportunity to kill the Trump Economy?   I was expecting them to take him out, not elevate him to the nomination.

  2. … 1) 03 November 2020: Slow Joe Biden / Mr. Michelle.
    … 2) Stuff 60 million ballots.
    … 3) 20 January 2021. President Slow Joe and VP Mr. Michelle.
    … 4) 21 January 2021. Slow Joe is pronounced permanently non compos mentis. President Mr. Michelle.
    … 5) 22 January 2021, VP Hillarity Ramrod Clinton.
    … 6) Sunday 14 February 2021, Valentine’s Day. Mutual homicide-suicide Pres. Mr. Michele and the First Queen Barack Obama.
    … 7) Monday 15 February 2021, President Hildebeast.
    … 8) Tuesday 16 February 2021, Week of the Long Knives begins, followed by
    … 9) The Great Burning.

    … Minneapolis, we hardly knew ye.


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