3 thoughts on “June 1, 2020”

  1. And here in my back yard, atop a 80 foot oak tree, someone’s lost budgie… So sad. He was calling out and no birds were answering…

  2. Well 10-cents, you are not the only one with flowers…

    in my yard; These bloom in late May only.

    These little random flowers are scattered through my yard and are only in late spring and early summer. Here along my driveway.

    These seem to want to grow against a building or another bush or tree. I think I have either two slightly different variety’s or the last picture was in the shade as it seems more Pink.

    This last one is just getting ready to bloom, it’s a Wisteria vine. Somewhat destructive as it will climb to the top of an oak tree at 80 to 90 feet, (25 to 28 meters), and eventually choke the supporting tree and kill it. I kept some as it’s impossible to eradicate and made a “TREE” for it to grow on instead of a real tree. It will be in full bloom in about another week. The only “bunch” is an early one. Maybe checking the weather out first?

    In mid Summer, in another part of the yard, I will have orange Trumpet vine, the humming birds love that one…


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