“Mr. Freude. Paging Mr. Schaden Freude. To the courtesy phone, please.”

I never heard of Mr. Chris Martin Palmer before today.  But, as far as I am concerned, henceforth the contest for most asleep wokester of 2020 is for second place.


7 thoughts on ““Mr. Freude. Paging Mr. Schaden Freude. To the courtesy phone, please.””

  1. Update: the burning structure that Chris Martin Palmer lustfully approved of destroying was a 189 unit “affordable housing development”.  I’m sure Mr. Palmer will be happy to provide 189 displaced families with shelter in his gated community.  Right?  Right?

    Someone should tell him he’s already the Officially Designated Internet Bozo for 2020, and so he can stop trying so hard.

  2. After the Left runs short of people to destroy, it turns upon itself.  What could be finer that Hollywood Progressives awokening to Antifa having  pillaged, plundered, and burned Rodeo Drive?  Hey Democrat-Socialist  pukes, remember that $10,000 purse you bought?  East LA has a whole case of them being used to carry crack pipes and syringes and stuff…just like you do.

    The Left has awarded Trump a free hand to Executive Order and legislate to the Far Right with decent America roaring approval…and the Left seeking relief from itself.  Now, add fireballs of indictments forthcoming for staging the unsuccessful coup.  Add arkancides when VICTIMS! beg to squeal for reduced sentences.

    What will it be Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi – noose or rifle?


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