When and Who?

Today I removed my presentist  spectacles, rubbed my mind’s eye,   and  kinda squinted through my eyelashes  at the Big Picture, big in time and space.  I didn’t get any answers but I did ask me some questions.

How long do my enemies, the white-haters, think “White supremacy” has been going on?  The Roman Empire?  The American Revolution? The Age of Exploration? The British Empire?  I realized I have no idea what their theory is on this.... [Read More]


Dr Karlyn talks to Former Evergreen College Student

I have a fondness for Dr Karlyn. Probably because she’s newly red pilled and really open about her journey. She is like a window into the mind of what, I think, are a lot of people who have been going through life thinking one thing and now may have to think that their conservative friend, uncle, Dad, ETC…. May have had a point.

Anyway, I found this to be a really interesting conversation she had with a guy who was and older student at Evergreen College during the whole “Bret Weinstein” thing. They connect some dots between that incident and what is going on now. It’s pretty long and you don’t have to watch all of it. By the last 30 minutes they are pretty much talked out but I found it to be an interesting conversation... [Read More]


A Problem with Trump’s Campaign Messaging

Despite Trump wanting to make this election about Joe Biden, his dementia/fitness for office, and his corruption, every election for an incumbent is a referendum on the incumbent’s performance. Setting aside everything else from the last four years, the current situation with riots and vandalism going unaddressed presents a serious problem for the Trump campaign.  Regardless of whether you think Trump should be stepping in and acting with force or not, his messaging is out of step with his actions, and he is creating a vulnerable point by doing so.

Trump has been tweeting “Law and order!” over the last few weeks and declaring himself to be the law and order President. There is clearly a breakdown in law and order right now while he is President, and nothing is being done about it. This creates the problem: if he can’t or won’t enforce law and order right now while he’s already President, why should we re-elect him to enforce law and order? What will change by re-electing him? Why should we who support him, or more importantly swing voters, expect anything other than more of the same?... [Read More]


Car-tel it Like It Is

Back in the dear dead days  of (not so)long ago, when we in the US didn’t live with organized street violence, and we looked with horror over the border at Mexico, I remember reading that the big drug cartels were tolerant, even encouraging, of the Mexican government’s occasional targeting of the smaller such cartels.  Eliminating small independent start-up competitors only made  it easier for the  big  cartels —so big the govt would  never take them  on, so big they had in fact comfortably infiltrated the govt — to consolidate and increase their power.

This is analogous to what we’ve seen in 2020.  It was not the corporate retail giants who were locked down.  Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, McDonald’s— those were the only places we could shop.... [Read More]


Priest sacked by MIT for thinking precisely

The thought police raised a small ruckus and got the Archdiocese of Boston to instruct a priest to resign from his job as a chaplain at MIT.

Father Daniel Moloney had written an e-mail that succinctly reviewed Catholic thinking on sin, justice and mercy.   He remarked on some allegations, including that Officer Chauvin acted from racist motivation, that are going around in common parlance but that are not known facts.   Father Moloney’s note got circulated, misquoted, mischaracterized and distorted, including by MIT officials.  The Archdiocese immediately adopted some of the mischaracterizations and promptly caved.... [Read More]


Trump rewards TheFederalist with an interview

President Trump helps his friends.  He allowed Ben Domenich to interview him in the Oval Office.  This is a plum for TheFederalist.com.

I have been following TheFederalist.com ever since they started, because Mollie.   They posted a fair share of NeverTrump stuff mixed in with solid conservative posts.  Most of their posts are opinion posts, but many of them contain real information that you will not learn from Fake News Media.... [Read More]


This Week’s Book Review – Mamelukes

Looking for a good read? Here is a recommendation. I have an unusual approach to reviewing books. I review books I feel merit a review. Each review is an opportunity to recommend a book. If I do not think a book is worth reading, I find another book to review. You do not have to agree with everything every author has written (I do not), but the fiction I review is entertaining (and often thought-provoking) and the non-fiction contain ideas worth reading.... [Read More]


Wilson Gets Marked as a Racist


I must be open about my bias. Woodrow Wilson High School constantly beat my high school in sports. They even had a swimmer that went to the Olympics. Knowing that this school must be brought low warms my heart. I wish I was around my old friends so I could razz them. Come to think of it the other strong sports school was Abraham Lincoln High School. :-)


Iconoclast Awokening

Here at Ratburger.org, we seem to be in agreement that what the Left wants is the downfall of western civilization and a re-making of America into a Leftist totalitarian state.

If you need evidence to convince your friends that this is what the Left wants, here is a survey reported in an essay at Quillette.

“The Great Awokening and the Second American Revolution”

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Davey Day Trader

Bubble popping cartoonIf you think there’s something a bit curious about a frothy and pricey stock market existing simultaneously with a global pandemic, Depression-level unemployment, GDP and corporate earnings collapse, freeze-up in world trade, riots by anarchist mobs, devastation of small businesses, and corporate bankruptcies, you might just be thinking that we’re seeing a classic asset bubble blown by the injection of unprecedented amounts of “money” created out of thin air by central banks.

One characteristic of financial bubbles, particularly in their late stages, is a massive pile into the market by small “retail investors”, who bet their modest savings in the belief that “stocks only go up” and “this time is different”.  Another sign of a bubble is the emergence of financial gurus, often with unusual backgrounds, proclaiming this “new wisdom for a new era” to their enthusiastic followers.... [Read More]