Supply and Demand begets Decline

Talk about ignorance of economics…

First the Elitist Morons create chaos in the cities and trash the police forces. The Politicians are all too happy to throw them under the bus and endanger their lives.

They create a demand for police protection. They make live miserable for their supply of protection.

Expect a large number of resignations from Blue City PDs

I fully expect there will be a lot of openings in less than blue cities as well as red states in general.

Call it Blue Flight…

Their replacements will be substantially less qualified but hired on political basis.

Get out of those cities now folks.


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2 thoughts on “Supply and Demand begets Decline”

  1. 1) Destroyed their tax base, sales tax and state personal income tax.
    2) Destroyed their tax infrastructure.
    3) Destroyed their police morale.
    4) Fearsomely alienated their voter constituencies.
    5) Intensely convinced every decent person to be armed and ammo’d – and ready, and merciless.
    6) Placed themselves in a Hell of dependencies upon $trillion Washington bailouts to survive and reconstruct…
    7) …and majorly pissed off duly elected President Donald J. Trump whose weapon, as in the Foundation Trilogy, is simply to do nothing.

    One wonders how “master strategist” Nasty Pelosi will find another of her feet to shoot.


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