finding an escape route

Ya’ know, difficult times. It plays on our minds. If and when you need a break, not with a book, although books are great, I’m trying to read “Poland”, but I digress.

Point your browser at for free no commercial streaming of vintage shows and second rate movies.

Nope I don’t get anything, just the personal fulfillment that I posted this here and maybe someone will find an escape route.


Author: Gerry_D

I'm from Pensyltucky.

8 thoughts on “finding an escape route”

  1. John Walker:
    Wow!  Free, no geographical constraints, and they have Zulu on the first page!

    “Please disable your ad blocker.”

    I’m out of here.

    Didn’t ask me to disable ad blocker. I really didn’t see any ads, but I’ll look again.

    I looked again and no ads…


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