Biden sez it like it is or lets it slip?

Biden seeks running mate who’s “ready to be president on day one”.

IMHO: BOTH. He did say it as it is and did let it slip. The demon-crats are pushing him because of his name and “past VP” status. I feel sorry for this aged old man, I’ll be like that in a very few years. Him, well the part about slipping, getting someone to be president on day one, read between the lines, the clinton woman will be most likely selected and on day one, if he is  elected, will have him saying with his alzheimers issues, he isn’t fit so he will be the magic stepping stone for hillary. If not that lyin’ female dog, then someone else picked by the deep state.

(lower case letters because she don’t deserve upper case.)


Author: Gerry_D

I'm from Pensyltucky.

4 thoughts on “Biden sez it like it is or lets it slip?”

  1. Democrat-Socialism promises and end to want for there being nothing available to want other than another minute of life continuously devalued.

    … 1) 03 November 2020: Slow Joe Biden / Mr. Michelle.
    … 2) Stuff 60 million ballots.
    … 3) 20 January 2021. President Slow Joe and VP Mr. Michelle.
    … 4) 21 January 2021. Slow Joe is pronounced permanently non compos mentis. President Mr. Michelle.
    … 5) 22 January 2021, VP Hillarity Ramrod Clinton.
    … 6) Sunday 14 February 2021, Valentine’s Day. Mutual l homicide-suicide Pres. Mr. Michelle and the First Queen Barack Obama.
    … 7) Monday 15 February 2021, President Hildebeast.
    … 8) Tuesday 16 February 2021, Week of the Long Knives begins, followed by
    … 9) The Great Burning.

  2. Gerry_D:
    … running mate who’s “ready to be president on day one”

    Well, that’s what they always say (or at least have as long as I’ve been aware of such things).  But what they really mean is “I want somebody who can help carry a state I need to put me over the top and/or persuade the rubes s/he/it will moderate my craziness, while they’re attending funerals in South Whackistan”.


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