Author: Bryan G. Stephens

Bryan G. Stephens is a former executive on a mission to transform the workplace. He is the founder and CEO of TalkForward, a consulting and training company, utilizing Bryan’s clinical and management expertise to develop managers and teams in a corporate environment. As a licensed therapist with strong understanding of developing human potential, he is dedicated to the development of Human Capital to meet the needs of leaders, managers, and employees in the 21st Century workplace. Bryan has an Executive MBA from Kennesaw State University, Coles School of Business, and both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

One thought on “Good”

  1. The guys who made slide rules must have been pretty bitter when someone else came up with the pocket calculator.  The attitude of Russia’s under-funded space crew is quite understandable, watching their market slip away.

    What is less understandable is that the US taxpayer had paid for the Delta Clipper DC-X in the 1990s, doing many of the things then that SpaceX is doing now — most particularly the reusable maneuverable rocket.  Some of the surviving videos are amazing!  Yet We The People have happily tolerated NASA continuing to spend $Billions to accomplish not much — and we still tolerate NASA building horse-and-buggies when Duesenbergs are on sale.


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