Boredom is Our Best Friend, Cold Anger is our Solution

Like all things of the moment, enthusiasm and fear passes. Humans cannot sustain a highly agitated state for long, our bodies eventually tamp it down with chemicals.

The Globalists and their shock troops keep hitting us with concept assaults, wanting us to frenzy out , panic and become deer in the headlights.

Russia Russia was one, impeachment another, then came COVID. We went along, got concerns and then got bored. Nothing new, just the same stuff. Bad show .

Now we have a Pageant resembling a race war. Looting, mobs but mostly thought control. The objective is to make us feel we are all evil and bad and consumed by shame. We have pageants of mob rule in the streets, on social media, in large corporations and the local governments.

As usual , the left really misses human behavior. People with jobs and families without therapists or trust funds do not have the luxury of self denigration for much more than 72 hours.

It gets BORING. I do not wake up every day feeling guilty of racism, but feel the most prime example of “Systemic Racism” is BLM and the DNC. It moves me from guilt to anger.

The only thing left in their arsenal is to have China sink one of our carriers for “encroaching on their territory”.

I expect that will be about two months before we vote.

That will not be boring, it will be horrific. Let us hope POTUS can get the DOD under control before that happens.


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2 thoughts on “Boredom is Our Best Friend, Cold Anger is our Solution”

  1. Six million Jews knowingly walked to their deaths like sheep, singing the praises of their God, starved and mutilated. Not a single insurrection in any camp because…abhorrent inconceivable shock followed by unending personal sacrifice, in an unimaginable structure, and, above all…hope. Offer dribbles of hope in trade for utter surrender, then do anything.

    Would you abandon your own life to kill people who run the camps, to slaughter mobs with women placed in front, to know there is nothing for yourself? Surrender, then hope, then die.

    The Battle of Wizna was the German invasion of Poland, 07 – 10 September 1939. 720 Poles faced 42,200 Wehrmacht soldiers/Panzerwaffe, horses against tanks, 59:1 by troops. The Poles were obliterated, but not before the German Übermensch was humbled before the world. That made a difference.

    We have something more tangible than hope. We have reprisal. Here we stand, here we stay, here they die.


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