Pancake Make Up

AUNT JEMIMA DEAD! The fat mammy with a do-rag who was liberated into a slim Black activist community leader was found stomped in her Hillsborough. CA estate this morning, an apparent suicide. White racist oppressor Quaker Foods embraces her granddaughter, strong Lesbian pegger-who-matters Shashaquua “Itchy” Jemima, to carry on the brand.

It matters
Taste the goodness

Said a spokeshominin, “Proud Jemima artificially-coloured maple-flavored syrup will still deliver the quality of corn syrup plus a bucket of stuff the chemist gives us.”

We will be doing a flash mob celebration of mattering liberation at 2000 hrs local time, 555 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60661.  Fluorescent signs, bull horns, black masks, sledge hammers, Molotovs, and quick-cure face glue projectors will be available at the Antifa-Soros Pavilion by Dylans Tavern & Grill.


4 thoughts on “Pancake Make Up”

  1. Ya know, people, people of color, say that stereotyped them because of her. OK, but I always thought of her, “Aunt Jemima” as one of the great cooks like Betty Crocker. A real chef of the ages!

    Next thing you know, they will be complaining that the Pillsbury Doughboy is a symbol of white privilege.


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