Effect and Cause

The Left always loudly condemns others for what the Left in fact executes as policy.  Therefore… China ex post facto infected the Wuhan Wet Market to prove that it was the zoonotic  source and not Wuhan research lab the industrial source.  The Sverdlosk anthrax spore dispersion pattern made sense – wind.  The Wuhan Wet Market makes no sense at all for having no dispersion pattern at all – wind, drainage, sewage, roads, trains.

pathology dispersion pattern
Wind dispersion pattern

One thought on “Effect and Cause”

  1. That is one theory, and it is possible.  China accidentally released a virus which has proven to be as virulent as … well, not really that virulent.  The rulers got so worried they locked down the country, and have been trying to cover up ever since.

    Here is another theory.  The not-very-virulent Covid-19 has been around for years.  China’s rulers developed a test for this particular one of the many “Influenza Like Illnesses” which the US CDC has been tracking as a group for years.  China’s rulers staged a bit of kabuki theater in provincial Wuhan, knowing that Western politicians (with a bit of a push from Western media with uncertain loyalty) would find the virus in their populations and ape the Chinese action.  Now the smart economic analysts are estimating that China’s economy will take a bit of a hit from this, but Western economies will be much more devastated.  Cheaper and more successful than a missile attack, and no fingerprints.

    Is Covid-19 an “oopsie” or a subtle economic attack?  I have been trying to find if there might be some piece of evidence which would let us reject either (or both) of those hypotheses.


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