Who’s Next?

The madness accelerates.

San Francisco: Christopher Columbus

San Francisco: Saint Junípero Serra

San Francisco: Francis Scott Key

San Francisco: Ulysses S. Grant

Portland: George Washington


Author: John Walker

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152 thoughts on “Who’s Next?”

  1. California’s tearing up statutes.

    Maybe those wise California legislators realized that the language of the California Constitution was redundant.  After all, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution takes precedence, and it clearly states:

    nor shall any State … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws“.

    Always looking for the bright side!

  2. Boston: Abraham Lincoln

    This statue is a replica of the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Park, which is currently surrounded by a fence to protect it from the mob.  The Boston statue was erected in 1879.

  3. I will be flippant.

    What do you expect from a college educated student. That can’t make anything. They have little skills except for being hypersensitive to dog whistles. Destroying things makes them feel alive because they are heroes who fight statues rather than windmills.

    I bet even Canada doesn’t want this group.


    The problem with a lot of these people was they accomplished things while being part of the dominant culture. Funny how this often happens in history.

    The new thinking is the winners cheated and the losers should get a trophy. Creativity doesn’t come from others. If it did it would be copying.

  4. Richmond, VA: Matthew Fontaine Maury

    Matthew Fontaine Maury was an American astronomer and naval officer who contributed to oceanography, cartography, meteorology, history, and geology.  He has been called the “Father of Modern Oceanography and Naval Meteorology”.  When the U.S. war of secession began, he resigned his commission as a Commander in the U.S. Navy and returned to his native Virginia, where he was appointed Chief of Sea Coast, River, and Harbor Defenses.  He spent much of the war in Europe, obtaining supplies and attempting to persuade European nations to intervene in the war.  After the war, he became a professor of physics at Virginia Military Institute.

  5. Portland: Elk (update)

  6. I see ctlaw posted on R> that The Christopher Columbus statue in Waterbury CT was beheaded.

    When I lived in CT it had a strong Italian heritage- saying mahtzarellah marked you as an outsider. The word is moots. And Columbus is a hero.

  7. Now all the Best People are in agreement that Christopher Columbus should never have “crossed the ocean blue”, I for one look forward to those Best People accepting that they are descendants of evil Europeans who should never have come to the New World — and packing their bags and going back to Europe where they belong.

    Any Ratties who have not yet cancelled their Twitter accounts might like to start the soon-to-be-trending hashtag:


    Or would #SendTheHonkeysHome work better?  Decisions!  Decisions!


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