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  1. Gerry_D:
    ( Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His )

    That’s what the Pope said in the Albigensian Crusade, when the good Catholic French Enthusiastically killed their fellow Christians, the Cathars.  Actually I don’t see why they were much of a threat.  Most nominal believers didn’t live any differently  from their countrymen, and the actual practitioners, the “Good Men”, were in the process of starving themselves to death and they didn’t reproduce. There’s a great monograph on Catharism and the persecutions, Montaillou. 

  2. Teddy was one of the original progressives and favored expanded government power.

    Thus, there is no “Good Roosevelt” who served as POTUS

    Then there’s Teddy Roosevelt Jr., who led troops onto the beach on D-Day (and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that day). He was the only general to land with the first wave of troops onto Utah Beach.

    Roosevelt was soon informed that the landing craft had drifted south of their objective, and the first wave of men was a mile off course. Walking with the aid of a cane and carrying a pistol, he personally made a reconnaissance of the area immediately to the rear of the beach to locate the causeways that were to be used for the advance inland. He returned to the point of landing and contacted the commanders of the two battalions, Lieutenant Colonels Conrad C. Simmons and Carlton O. MacNeely, and coordinated the attack on the enemy positions confronting them. Opting to fight from where they had landed rather than trying to move to their assigned positions, Roosevelt’s famous words were, “We’ll start the war from right here!”

    I think he qualifies.

  3. There are two issues implicit in all this iconoclasm: how you feel about the individual represented, and how you feel about art.
    yuh TR was a prog.  At his inauguration parade there were a bunch of INdian chiefs  in battle dress.  Did they  want to be there, or was this  like the parades the Romans used to stage after a victory, where their captives were presented in exotic splendor?  (Just FYI, either way is ok by me)

    A few years ago they dug up a buncha stone heads near Notre  Dame in Paris.  Statues of French kings, decapitated  by the revolutionaries of 1789  and dumped in an unmarked pit.

    Whatever else TR was, though, he was a nature lover, an outdoorsman, a conservationist. And this statue could be viewed as exemplifying a salutary diversity . Okay yes he’s mounted and the black and Indian are on foot, but, well, that is a way to get the animal kingdom in there, too.
    What are the “moderate” Lefties and pandering Rightys  gonna say now?  Don’t destroy the statue; move it to a mus— uh, wait: this one IS at a museum…

  4. TR did what had to be done.  That included mucking Cuba and seceding Panama from Colombia, allowing rather a lot of French to die in mud ditches before moving in and taking over, and annexing Panama for US interests.  Conservationist Roosevelt had lived and worked out West.  He was determined to conserve its values and exploit its value, the former buffering the latter.

    Social Progressive Roosevelt tasted Federal government owned by Big Business.  He acted deeply to prevent that, while loosening Northern slavery of Eastern Europeans and Irish.  Slaves are an investment.  Don’t starve and whip them.  How do you like it when your government is owned by Google, Apple, Facebook;  lamestream Media?

    Look at any photo or portrait of TR, at his hands – they are invariably clenched.  He was always engaged.  In later life he was euchered from power.  How did that work out for the world, a bully US reduced to hornswoggle,  rapprochement , and appeasement?


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