2 thoughts on “You should watch this, to be sane”

  1. 10 Cents says:
    Please let people know if the video is safe for work.

    Sure, my bad.  However…having been born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with two blocks of the Paedergat sewage slough, there is a firetrucking word that is locally more of a punctuation mark than a noun/adjective/verb.  Like the chess-playing dog, it is a marvel that I speak English at all.

    On the upside, I cherish robocalls.  I’ve only gotten one female to faint and hit the deck, but sometimes one is a lot.  It’s a picaresque part of the world, including the Hudson River Yacht Club and the Sebago Canoe Club toward the far end of the slough (now dredged).  The Ganges River has us beat, but perhaps not if you normalize input by number of  inputers.

    … Paedergat sewage annoints lower Jamaica Bay, eventually delivering Coney Island whitefish and beach whistles.  How many other public beaches give your kids free toys?


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