WSJ Journo Reaches Out to Gab

A former Facebook employee and current journalist at the WSJ contacted Andrew Torba of Gab to find out how to further deplatform Gab survives deplatforming. All the usual payment processors and many other service providers refuse to deal with Gab. The only ways to send them any money are Bitcoin and checks, including echecks.

I’m a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and I’m looking into how platforms with strong free speech policies are dealing with their dependence on large internet infrastructure companies (like Cloudflare).

Those are some scary words, akin to I’m from the government and I’m here to help. After explaining Gab’s policies, Torba notes,

As a result [of the policies] we see comparatively low levels of unlawful content compared to, say, your former employer Facebook. We believe our past deplatforming issues have more to do with Silicon Valley partisanship than the actual content on our site.

The reporter persists in trying to find out how Gab has been able to stay afloat in spite of the attacks, asking about “the nuts and bolts of your business and operations.” Torba’s reply:

Viewpoint neutrality is the reason our business exists and the cause of every single business challenge we have endured and overcome. We will not provide answers as to how we have responded to this problem and frankly it’s an insult to my intelligence for you to think that I would divulge information about our infrastructure or business operations to a former Facebook employee, let alone a journalist.

If your readers are interested in the subject, they should be aware that every large corporation in the world which has no-platformed us – Apple, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Stripe, Joyent, GoDaddy, Visa, and many more – is interested in suppressing not Gab’s speech, but the speech of millions of ordinary Americans and others from around the world who use our platform.

We were told to “build our own” so that’s exactly what we did and it took years to accomplish.

Torba’s parting shot:

You are not my enemy because you interned for Facebook. I have plenty of friends who worked at Facebook. You are my enemy because you are a “journalist.”

Edit: Turns out John had mentioned this the day before in a comment on the latest RAMU post.


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16 thoughts on “WSJ Journo Reaches Out to Gab”

  1. Frankly, I hate the GOP almost as much as I hate the Democrats.

    We live in a world where I have to deal with people who have liberal political view points, but not consevative. Have to bake that cake, but cannot force a loan


  2. I commented about this earlier on the RAMU post.  The only way to deal with this kind of “journalist” is to document everything and place the complete record in the public domain.  That’s what I did when I, and the company I founded, was subjected to a hit piece on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on 1992-05-28.  My riposte, “Reporter at Work”, circulated after the “profile”, was eventually included in The Autodesk File, and now includes a complete transcript and audio of the “interview”.

    This was widely circulated in the 1990s as an example of how to respond when a WSJ hit team arrives to take down your company.

  3. John Walker:
    I commented about this earlier on the RAMU post.

    Sorry, I missed that comment in the RAMU post. Torba’s exchange with the WSJ jackal did remind me of your experience with an entirely different, yet shockingly similar, WSJ jackal from nearly thirty years ago.

  4. Remember the Old Days, when WSJ was the house organ of the Capitalist Elite?  Long time passing.

    The thought that keeps crossing my mind is, some day, we have to accept that we have lost.  That Long March Through the Institutions has succeed for the Lefties.  They now have functional control of schools, academia, media, courts, bureaucracy, corporations — even the NFL and NASCAR.  Four more years of Trump or a couple more Supreme Court Justices are not going to change that.

    When an army is defeated on every front, the only alternative to abject surrender is to change strategy & tactics.  When good Leftie Mao and his Communists were effectively defeated in the Chinese civil war, their tattered remnants withdrew to remote fastnesses in the 6,000 mile march and switched to guerilla tactics while they built up strength and — more importantly — while the victorious Nationalists pissed off the population.  We need to think about something analogous, because the big wheel keeps on turning.

    Our Lefties have won, but they have destroyed the economy and the culture in the course of winning.  Our Lefties are in the process of pissing off enough of the population to provide an opening for the next round in this never-ending contest.   We just need to be smart enough to develop a new strategy and wait for the right time.

  5. Gavin Longmuir:
    Remember the Old Days, when WSJ was the house organ of the Capitalist Elite?  Long time passing.

    Long time indeed. The WSJ was rated as the most lefty publication in the 2005 paper by Tim Groseclose and Jeffrey Milyo in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, which Groseclose later expanded into his book, Left Turn.

  6. I loved how Pewdiepie and the 9 year old army pushed back against the WSJ.  Here he is back at 77M subscribers.  It was interesting when Pewdiepie pointed out that he had a larger web footprint than the WSJ, and that the WSJ were using the attacks against him to burnish their numbers.


  7. Bryan G. Stephens:
    Build you own!

    Cuck talk

    Goodthink People: “Look, Twitter and Facebook are private businesses. You have no right to demand they allow your speech. If you don’t like it, go build your own platform”.

    Badthink people: “OK. We will.”


  8. Idea: If entities like Gab can show that Twitter or Facebook are actively attempting to convince the money institution to cease providing services to them in the same manner in which they service Twitter of FB, then they might be able to show anticompetitive effect and have an antitrust claim. I got this idea a few weeks back when the story came out that NBC was trying to convince Google to stop running advertisements for The Federalist and succeeded in convincing them to stop running ads for Zero Hedge. This is a classic example of anticompetitive activity because it goes to the heart of how these entities make money. Thoughts?

  9. My suggestion to conservatives, and aspiring conservatives (i.e. libertarians) is to join a clubs, boards of directors, churches, etc., etc.,AND PROMOTE OUR TRULY AWSOME POLICIES THAT PROMOTE FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY.

    We cannot win hiding in a cave.

    Dems had the balls to takeover. Our response ought to be take it back, AND BUILD BIGGER AND BETTER ALTERNATIVES.

    GO TEXAS !


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