You Have Gotta Be Freaking Kidding Me

I can see a future where whites will not be allowed to hold government jobs, visit government parks, or participate in government functions. Stories like this really make me wish we would have recolonized the blacks after the Civil War. I’m sorry but if you see this story and think “yeah that’s right,” then go back.


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  1. Maybe they should put some numbers to other destinations besides National Parks.  Check the Smithsonian, NASA space centers, Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, The various museums of natural history, art museums, planetariums, observatories, Audubon Society Environmental Education Center, Thomas Edison National Park (whoops that one is already included in National Parks), the various railroad museums, the various naval, army and air force museums, the various forts, the various presidential libraries, US Holocaust Museum.  It’s too big a list to complete in one setting, but let’s start with this list and then add to it as we go.

    If any of them are visited by mainly white folk.  Well we know what to do.  Can we sink the USS Yorktown in place or do we need to tow it out to sea before detonation?

    Since they mention Mount Rushmore being on land that once belonged to the Lakota, well we have a lot of work to do.  We can work to cleanse the various States by the year admitted into the Union or we could start with the New York Times building in Manhattan.

  2. Excuse me, isn’t that racist in itself? I mean isn’t it against “whites”? WTF?

    What needs to happen is a “brotherhood of man” needs to identify and purge these racist people who are anti-white or anti-black or anti-Chinese or anti-whatever. By purge I mean specifically eliminate them in a humane way. Injection, a single bullet, overdose of a drug, whatever, they, including the writer of that bull sh|t need to be eliminated as they are just fanning the flames.

    The other morning, I saw a black man, screw that shit of African American whatever, be turned away from the grocery store because he didn’t have a mask and he looked younger that the arbitrary age determination for senior citizen entrance block of time. Well we had words as he was retrieving a mask from his vehicle, a stranger, he was jovial so was I. I said ya’ gotta give us old farts some time, he laughed and said is 55 old enough, I said it should be, then I said I’m 68, and told him “My friend, have a good one.”  ( God Bless that man. )

    He’s a freakin’ person, a real live conscious person, a stranger, but a human person. We talked and teased just like old friends because he is a real person, not a color.

    Bottom line we need to eliminate these radicals in society because if we don’t, there will be no society.

  3. BB had a simple flow chart form determining what’s racist.  I’d update it:

    Is the practice in question something any white person , ever, has ever done?

    If “yes”:

    It’s racist.


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