Statue-tory Asylum?

Yes,  of course I applaud Trump’s announcement of creation of a “Heroes’ Garden”.  I especially loved  his recital of so many  names: athletes, performers, Inventors, social ameliators , and the line: “Only America could have produced them all!”

I reckon the first task is to find a place for the the new park, which the EO has directed be completed within 60 days.

But when it is chosen, I have a vision, complete with auditory hallucination:

I see  each of the de-plinthed  marble men and the bronze horsemen, moving, stirring, seeming to feel/the stir of life along its keel!  I hear a great grinding of stone, a cacophonous clanking of metal, as they all rise and gallop, or stagger zombie-like, toward their Elysian Field, their new Beulah Land, the decapitated marbles carrying their own severed heads,  like St. Denis!

Although….I can’t help remembering various occasions where gathering a particular group  together , ostensibly for the purpose  of honoring them and displaying their strength, have resulted instead in a decisive extermination:  Napoleon and the Mamelukes.  The Janissaries. The Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee.  This place will be a target for the nihilists.

( Will Lady  Liberty herself end up there? Or will the mob have to content itself with  chiseling away at her face to give her sloe eyes and/or African lips?maybe just painting her face and arms? Truly, right now,  it is not easy being green…)

May this be the exception: may a, yes, marmoreal  calm reign forever  In this proposed refuge for  the despiséd and reviled bronze and marble men and their newborn companions(which will include some women!  Will we be required to take measures to avoid “statutory rape“…?)

But forgive me, I can’t help seeing the potential for the absurd.

Paging David Černy !   Wonder if he’s watching this?


8 thoughts on “Statue-tory Asylum?”


    Ban acoustic guitars, the source of all that is good, comely, worshipful, and White Supremacist.  Mandatory banjos only, the Instrument of the People.

    White blight oppresses all liberating Peoples of Colour everywhere. Destroy all banjos, too.  End it all to make every-deserving-body equal.  No more church howling either – drums only.
    … Disgusting; racist, sexist.  Burn all drums.


  2. Pencilvania:
    This is why I like MJ’s suggestion of Branson MO. Or maybe right next to one of our military service academies?

    Why? Those are as full of cultural Marxists as any other mainstream college. Don’t be fooled by the rich history and pretty uniforms. Those places produce an entirely different breed of SJW.

  3. Robert A. McReynolds:

    Robert A. McReynolds:

    Eeek, really, Robert?    Then all is lost.

    Here are some examples:

    How the Obama Administration Made the Military More Politically Correct

    In fairness I should say that not all officers are bad. If they were prior enlisted, they are going to be the better group of people. Academy grads are few and far between in terms of leadership.

    I have it on good authority that the only ones who can save our country are the “mustangs”.


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