When you don’t shoot back


The Houston Association of Realtors has ended “master bedroom” and “master bathroom” given slavery atrocities.  “Primary bedroom” and “primary bathroom” will be used.

Consider Seinfeld’s iconic  The Contest and its “master of my domain.”  I demand “master of my domain”  be redubbed “primary of my epstein,” then to be entirely erased in all instances.

Democrat Socialism

(Yes, that is indeed “comic sans.”)


5 thoughts on “When you don’t shoot back”

  1. “Joe Biden will be a president who stands up for all of us,” [Human Rights Campaign President] David added.

    With all his sexually-oriented discussion about self-lubricating front holes and back holes and bottom surgery, surely President David should have chosen his words about Sniffer Joe more carefully.  The teenage boy in my limbic brain can’t stop laughing!

  2. EThompson:
    The HAR needs to read a dictionary. Remember those?

    The point is to eliminate the Dictionary.

    Eliminate Authority.

    Words mean only what the Left wants them to mean.  The Supreme Court just ruled against western civilization by ruling on the basis of a novel definition of a word which is approximately one decade old and which had never been heard by the congressmen and senators who passed the original legislation.

    The Dictionary is to become a fungible weapon, changed to suit every Leftist whim.

  3. There was a time when teenage boy with a tachometer, dwell meter, and feeler gauges could tune car engined.  Add new plugs and points.  Your present car is a myth.  If the oxygen sensor in your exhaust goes wonky – and it will – it’s over.  Your battery car has an intrinsic death sentence.  A gasoline tanker adds a quart of goo at the gas station. Absent that quart, your fuel injectors and your cylinder exhaust valves plug.

    Civilization is that delicate.  DENTISTRY is science fiction high tech. Reducing 330 million people to 50 million agrarian Socialists with 40-year lifespans merely requires that you do nothing.

    … Pneumonic plague (airborne bubonic plague; 72 hours to death) is loose in China. WHO says “it is being well-handled.” God’s earthly bill collectors “well-handled” 2/3 of Europe dying.  We now excitedly disassemble the entirety of what keeps our cities alive, heaps of tinder begging for sparks.


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