How Bostock Will Be Used to Attack Religious Employers

There is this interesting piece from the National Law Review giving a brief explanation how the Bostock decision penned by Justice Gorsuch could be used to attack the religious carve out of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA). Under RFRA, a religious “individual’s sincerely held religious beliefs [are protected] by prohibiting the federal government from substantially burdening an individual’s free exercise of religion, unless it establishes that doing so is the least restrictive means of furthering a compelling government interest.” The author in this piece bounces ideas off of a recent Sixth Circuit ruling that was consolidated into the Supreme Court case of Bostock.

Well this piece attempts to make the case that understanding one’s own sexual identity does not rise to the level of being forced to accept that understanding in contradiction of one’s religious beliefs, and, therefore, “the Sixth Circuit held that enforcing Title VII was the least restrictive means of achieving the compelling goal of eradicating workplace discrimination.” It truly is cutting a very fine line with that explanation, and I can guarantee that at some point that fine line will be exploited and turned into a giant chasm through which the sexually perverse and mentally deranged will run right through.


2 thoughts on “How Bostock Will Be Used to Attack Religious Employers”

  1. I think that especially in the case of a funeral home, “tolerating“  an employee’s “ understanding” of its (Yes: “its” not “their) sexual identity is  tantamount to “being  forced to support it”.
    When this business’ customers are in the throes of bereavement, should they also be forced to deal with some ugly clown in drag?  And shouldn’t the business get to decide whether or not that would affect its customers?  Sheee-uh, and I’da thought this was an easy case.
    RFRA is, of course, not intended to protect freedom OF religion: it is intended to further freedom FROM certain religions: Judaism and Christianity.

  2. “a giant chasm through which the sexually perverse and mentally deranged will run right through.”

    Immediately terminate the totality of all centrally-administered mandatory charity – the entire construct of social Welfare at all levels.  Social Justice can GoFundMe.


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