Well one good bit of personal news…

Went to the family physician this week.

The good part is the blood tests. ALL were pretty much well  within the norms established by the labs. Only one was at a limit.

The bad news is that on the 11th or so of next month, I have to go for a mammogram. Yes boys and girls, men can and do get “breast” cancer. I had a complaint about my right nipple. It had a consistent, low grade, almost unnoticeable pain, touch with a slight pressure would make it more noticeable. So… for you guys in here, I will be able to tell or maybe explain what the gals say is excruciating for this procedure.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

As for the “better half”, that will have to be a “private” post sometime.


2 thoughts on “Well one good bit of personal news…”

  1. Mammograms occupy a special place in universal stupid and its revenues, including the radiation dose and direction.  Ask about a needle biopsy.

    Here in the Soviet of California, we had a lovely measles plague among intelligentsia and feminist offspring.  Vaccination is the Evil Eye-Q come to harvest souls.  My women and I went for a measles antigen assay just to be sure after a half-century+  gap.  Her number was hearty.  Mine generously overflowed the scale.

    Doctor, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”
    Uncle Al, “I had full-blown measles twice as a child.”
    Doctor, “That’s impossible!”

    This is why things no longer work.

  2. My neighbor Paul just had surgery for breast cancer along with chemotherapy . He is 70 and has had several other types of cancer. I think he told me breast cancer in males is 1 in every 1000.


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