Moon Without Tripod

First a photo without the zoom.

Here are a couple with the zoom that didn’t turn out too blurry.

Click on the pictures to see the pictures in a separate window.
What do you think?


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  1. Excellent!  According to the EXIF information on the last image, it was taken at f/6.9 and 1/403 second.  The short shutter speed helps avoid blur when hand-holding.  The Canon PowerShot SX 720 HS also has image stabilisation, which reduces blur when handholding.

    For comparison, here is an animated GIF made from shots during the minimal partial lunar eclipse of 2013-04-25 (click the link for details of the eclipse and photo gear).

    Partial lunar eclipse, 2014-04-25

    Click the image to enlarge.  These images were taken with a Nikon 300 mm f/4.5 lens at f/8 and 1/30 second on a Nikon D600 at ISO 100.   The uneclipsed Moon is on the border of overexposure, but I decided to use a consistent exposure for all phases of the eclipse so the images can be compared.  Some detail is lost due to the limited colour palette imposed by assembling multiple images into an animated GIF.  These are also crops from much larger frames.

  2. Trinity Waters:

    10 Cents:

    Trinity Waters:
    Pretty good images, Dime.  Focus seems OK and not much aberration evident.  What camera is this?

    Canon Powershot Sx 720, Trin. It will fit in a shirt pocket.

    I checked the specs; pretty good at this price point.  Have fun!

    Thanks! You and John know these things more than I so your opinions mean a lot.


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