Why Republicans Suck

It is not enough that the GOP has to always oversee massive expansions of the general government’s budget. It is that when they craft spending bills–with money we do not have–they always find a way to give it to the military even when the purpose of the spending has zero, ziltch, nada to do with the military. The GOP is going to get destroyed this November and part of that reason is going to be because people like me are fed up. I am in their natural constituency group. I am someone who wants less federal government and more individual autonomy. But all I ever get from them is more government, albeit at slightly slower pace that the Dems, and no spending cuts. Yet every two years, they make “balancing the budget” an “issue” for the voters and push all the blame on Democrats. Well their credibility is shot. For those who are not like me, how can they talk about cutting budgets of social programs when they continuously shovel billions into the Pentagon furnace? And for folks like me, shoveling those billions into that furnace means that, even if there were cuts in social programs, that money would likely be shifted to largest welfare program in the history of man: the U.S. military.

Surprise! $29.4B in Pentagon Pork Tucked into GOP Relief Bill


7 thoughts on “Why Republicans Suck”

  1. Bottom line; all politicians suck, the deep state is both republican and demon-crats. More so demon-crats right now.

    As for the pentagon furnace, it needs to be streamlined. We are still feeding steam engine boilers.  A lot of the antique designs, (procedures), need to be modernized. If we don’t have the pentagon furnace, there will be nukes landing in your and my back yards.  The deep state on the red side and the black meteorite side fear us because of the pentagon.

    The social programs, as you so lightly call them, most are nothing more than minor forms of socialism. If people can’t toe the line, get a job and provide for themselves, let them die. We can not and should not provide sustenance for freeloaders. Their children, well they will have the option of letting go of them or watching them die as well. The druggies, let them overdose and do not try to resuscitate. We should provide LIMITED guidence, nothing more. If they fail, so be it.

    It’s time, boys and girls, to realize life is not a picnic, it is hell on earth. We have to fight tooth and nail against the left, the politicians, and everyone who will bring us individual harm.

    (sorry I p*ssed off any lily livered people in here, I’m totally sick and tired of all this bovine excrement. )

  2. Direct Social Welfare costs exceed $1 trillion/year.  Immediately terminate all tax-derived charity programs installed through or after Democrat Socialist President Johnson’s “Great Society.”  A period  of “unrest” will be drum head put down in situ.  VICTIMS! can flee into Mexico.  Resume Age of Reason/Enlightenment civilization.

    … Liquidate America, then distribute the spoils indiscriminately.

    “For a century we labored to settle and to subdue a continent. For half a century we called upon unbounded invention and untiring industry to create an order of plenty for all of our people.

    The challenge of the next half century is whether we have the wisdom to use that wealth to enrich and elevate our national life, and to advance the quality of our American civilization.”

  3. I could sum it up neatly in 4 words: “No guts, no glory.”

    This is a lifestyle choice as well. It’s a tough and challenging world out there and you won’t survive without a strong ideological base.

  4. PhCheese:
    The GOP loses then we have Democrat. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

    You mean complaining about the GOP doesn’t bring about peace and harmony with Coca-Cola?


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