15 thoughts on “What’s in the distance?”

  1. The distance to what?

    From where you are sitting to the other end of the table? I am going to guess 4 feet (also, sorry I am not using metric)

    From you to the that fence looking thing? 10 feet.

    From you to the two trees in the courtyard area? about 20 yards

    From you to what I presume to be the end of the courtyard/the street area? I am going to guess about 40 yards.

  2. Robert A. McReynolds:

    10 Cents:

    Robert A. McReynolds:
    Or I could try to improve my reading comprehension. HAHA!

    You need a low bar to clear, Robert.

    Yeah, this doesn’t bode well does it? (I have literally cracked myself up with this. Thank you Dime. A good laugh goes a long way.)

    I am with you. A good laugh does go a long way.

    I learned a long time ago that “nothing” posts can be a lot of fun.

  3. Too lightly colored to be:

    By the way, 10 Cents, did you get your tripod yet? On the rare occasion I need to use one, I have one from the VHS CAMCORDER era that I use. It dwarfs the camera.

    A tip though, see the knobby thing on the wrist strap?

    That’s one of those spring loaded stops that are on jackets, hoods, etc. It makes a good cinch for a wrist strap. I added that after loosing a camera in about six feet of sea water. Save the knobby thing if you are throwing away a jacket or like piece of clothing with a draw string.


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