One thought on “Defense Contracting Company Run by Douchers”

  1. There is a remote-trackable passive RFID in each of your tires “for manufacturer inventory processes.”  There is a wireless chip in each of your tire valves to report pressure to your “smart” car.  If you turn on your AM radio to, oh, around Rush Limbaugh and drive, you can hear interrogation zones.  Your cell phone, on or off, is constantly tracked.

    Have you ever been chased by a rabid pack of one-legged hunting tortoises?

    Have you ever had a one-time pad party?  Home photocopy with the computer off may be OK.  How do you assemble the original file?  Adobe Acrobat has more suction than a Washington State octopus, Word “user experience,” etc.  The problem is not criminals, the weft of social fabric.  The problem is politicals, the rents.
    … Raw material, maybe.


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