Information destroys the Earth

“Currently, we produce ∼10^21 digital bits of information annually on Earth. Assuming a 20% annual growth rate, we estimate that after ∼350 years from now, the number of bits produced will exceed the number of all atoms on Earth, ∼10^50.”

Global Warming and Wuhan virus models rest on the same firm foundation:   Sacrifice now or “someday” will join Amazon Prime.

“The information catastrophe,” AIP Advances (2020). DOI: 10.1063/5.0019941


One thought on “Information destroys the Earth”

  1. Keith Henson used to tell a shaggy dog story about a future Earth that launches self-reproducing von Neumann probes to explore the universe.  Each probe, upon arrival in a new star system, explores and reports back to Earth on an ongoing basis via laser, and fabricates multiple new probes which it launches to nearby stars.  As the number of probes increases exponentially over the years, more and more lasers are beaming data back Earth, after a while surpassing the energy input from the Sun and before long vastly exceeding it.

    The planet is eventually incinerated and vaporised by hundreds of billions of lasers aimed at it from all over the galaxy.

    This is an example of burnout due to information overload.


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