Playtime is Over!

Whassup with the CDC withdrawing its “guidance” to the effect that the Sinos’ Infection virus is airborne?

I think it’s because,  if it’s airborne, there’s no point in our wearing masks and foregoing human interaction. Also, then there’s no reason we shouldn’t go out in the sunshine!  Which we have been doing in droves this summer: you can’t buy a kayak, a canoe, a camper.  The parking lots from which you can access hiking trails are jammed. Two toads diverge in a yellow wood, and we’re ALL taking the Road Less Travelled, exhibiting good nature and camaraderie as we scramble along.  People are out there re-discovering  that Nature  is just as gorgeous as that screen-saver image!  Plus, you can smell, hear, feel the breeze!... [Read More]


This Week’s Book Review – The Last Brahmin

Looking for a good read? Here is a recommendation. I have an unusual approach to reviewing books. I review books I feel merit a review. Each review is an opportunity to recommend a book. If I do not think a book is worth reading, I find another book to review. You do not have to agree with everything every author has written (I do not), but the fiction I review is entertaining (and often thought-provoking) and the non-fiction contain ideas worth reading.

Book Review

The Man Who Transformed the Midcentury Republican Party

“The Last Brahmin: Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. and the Making of the Cold War,” by Luke A. Nichter, Yale University Press, 2020, 544 pages, $37.50 (Hardcover)

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. was the grandson of Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Sr. His namesake was a confidant of President Theodore Roosevelt, and the bête noire of Roosevelt successor Woodrow Wilson. His grandson became at least as prominent a Republican politician during the mid-twentieth century.... [Read More]


I am here for the October Special

I get one free month of during October. All I had to do with type in the Discount Code “Amy: Schumer’s Worst Nightmare” If I upgrade I can get fries and a large Coke. Do you think it is worth it? Super Premium Members can get a signed napkin and a PLASTIC PLATINUM STRAW. (It is the LAST STRAW you will ever need.)


Back Off, Man! I’m a scientist!

For the benefit of anyone who missed this priceless contribution to the debate over the CoronaScam:

NAS and NAM Presidents Alarmed By Political Interference in Science Amid Pandemic

As advisers to the nation on all matters of science, medicine, and public health, we are compelled to underscore the value of science-based decision-making at all levels of government.  Our nation is at a critical time in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic with important decisions ahead of us, especially concerning the efficacy and safety of vaccines.  Policymaking must be informed by the best available evidence without it being distorted, concealed, or otherwise deliberately miscommunicated.  We find ongoing reports and incidents of the politicization of science, particularly the overriding of evidence and advice from public health officials and derision of government scientists, to be alarming.  It undermines the credibility of public health agencies and the public’s confidence in them when we need it most.  Ending the pandemic will require decision-making that is not only based on science but also sufficiently transparent to ensure public trust in, and adherence to, sound public-health instructions.  Any efforts to discredit the best science and scientists threaten the health and welfare of us all.
Marcia McNutt
President, National Academy of Sciences
... [Read More]



Oh, I HOPE The Don reads American Thinker,  specifically Brown’s article today, Trump should Make a Recess  Appointment to the Supreme Court.

He sez the Senate will go into recess on October 12 till after the election.  OK no way the Senate will conclude hearings and vote by Oct 12. ( I think they SHOULD just dispense with the hearings  if it’s Barrett, she just went through this, but IMHO that isn’t likely. )... [Read More]