Canadian Healthcare

Free Canadian healthcare costs Canadian money to make it happen at all.  There’s a queue.    Cataract out/IOL in is a 30 minute surgical procedure.  Eyes are done on consecutive weeks.  In the Soviet of California, total cost is low five figures.  If you were clever with your insurance, net about $30 (antibiotic and steroid eyedrops).  From diagnostic tests to pre-op happy juice is less than a month – or my ophthalmologist starts from scratch.  Let’s try BC, Canada.
… Cases waiting as of Jul 31, 2020: 22,994
… 90% of cases completed within 43.1 weeks

See?  No difference, aside from cost and outcome.  Yay Socialism.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Healthcare”

  1. Uncle Al:
    Free Canadian healthcare costs Canadian money to make it happen at all.

    Free Canadian drugs are all generic because American companies are the only ones left with the bucks to afford the R&D. Best friend is a marketing manager at Pfizer so I know it takes 12 years and over a billion dollars to bring a new drug to market.

    Drugs are expensive here because it’s tough to develop them as the sole country on the planet battling the FDA.

    Sorry for the unfriendly family comment, but f**k Canada. Pay your own way or if I were president, I wouldn’t let other countries take advantage of our doctors, our researchers, our labs, our knowledge, unless they were willing to pay to play.

  2. EThompson

    …the planet battling the FDA.

    I’br been employed by the NIH (corruption hugging ineptitude).  I’ve battled the ever-for-sale FDA.  Hell, I’ve been extorted by the EPA.  If you had a miracle antifungal named, oh, terbinafine and 10 years of massive Old World success, the FDA would ban you for having “unknown hazards” until your patent expired.  Any day American healthcare is less than 30% baksheesh and outright theft is a slow day.

    I had a healthcare insurer attempt my screwage for a payment I had “not” made but had a bank receipt for.  “I am an intrinsically unpleasant person.” At the was a keypunch error into another account (barcoded certificate) and they paid me damages in a private transaction.  Real Unpleasant.  There is much to be gained by being a schmuck in America – both directions….and more to be lost.


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