So. Much. Stupid., says Derek Hunter

A pet peeve of mine, an entity I’ve actually named, is the slow and methodical violation and degradation of our precious English language.  There are innumerable reasons it is the primary language of business, worldwide, and that it helped beget Shakespeare’s trove.  But it’s not as if I’d actually shun someone who commits some minor heresy, or even comment on it.  Decline is our new norm.  Adding periods within a phrase or sentence adds no value to the words used, and only denotes a turgid cadence, at best.  Maybe more descriptive or apt words might convey the probable intent of the author to add a sense of importance or gravitas?  I’m stuck at home with a wounded leg, and further, can’t even sit out on my deck and watch the birds and my fish because our normally pristine and clean Pacific ocean air is acrid with smoke, so I’m officially grousing about this topic.

I expect, nay demand, opinions from my fellow Ratters about this linguistic travesty.


10 thoughts on “So. Much. Stupid., says Derek Hunter”

  1. Decline is our new norm.

    A purist might object to the word “new”.  If we take a look back at the Federalist Papers — written, as you know, for the newspaper readers of the late 18th Century — one might reasonably conclude that command of the English language has been in decline for about two centuries.  There are individual clauses (let alone sentences) too long for Twitter.  And subjunctives!

  2. The periods, as in “Don’t.Be.Silly“ are intended to reproduce spoken cadences.   They’re just a way of attempting to get the readers  to “hear” what they would hear if the author were speaking the words.

    now, if you want to talk lying vs. laying, I am totally in.

  3. It saddens me when an indoctrinating  sex pervert racist terrorist says English words words convey exact meaning.  I much prefer an enlightening multivalent peacefully protesting hominin of Colour tellimg me how I will be silenced then disarmed, pillaged, looted, and burned To Save The Little Children worldwide.

    Grammar, syntax, vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing, and above all critique are White Supremacy.  Damned straight.

  4. MJBubba:
    Grammar is white.

    The Smithsonian Institute says grammar is oppressing the downtrodden.

    The correct observation here is the “downtrodden” have chosen their own patois and good luck getting a job using that.

  5. One of my pet peeves is overcapitalization. Modern illiterates seem to capitalize any word they think is important.

    We fought two world wars against the forces of overcapitalization.

    When I was a kid I learned that we fought WWI because Bosnia belonged to Serbia and we fought WWII because anti-Semitic vegetarian socialist perverts favoring a European mega-state were evil.

    But my betters (or is that my Betters) tell me that: not only does Bosnia not belong to Serbia but much of pre-WWI Serbia also does not; and those other things are actually good. So it must have been the overcapitalization.


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