30 thoughts on “Rod Dreher Has a Terrifying Piece”

  1. Robert:  “Like I said you guys will think I am crazy.”

    I don’t know if you are right — time will tell.  But you are definitely not crazy.

    The crazy ones are the people who think that things are going to roll on forever pretty much as they are today.

  2. Robert A. McReynolds:
    For those looking for the next big tech industry in which to invest so you can continue getting g rich off of the enslavement of Americans, this piece is a good place to start.

    This is the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard from you in quite a while and has nothing to do with enslaving anybody but the tech workers who make six figures a year and love their geeky jobs!

    “At the heart of social credit systems are large-scale data repositories that may store virtually any type of data that may be correlated to or associate with citizens and businesses in terms of both identity and behaviors.”

    So what? I own my home, car, have zero debt, pre-pay taxes and insure all cash deposits over $250k. I’m just trembling with fear if that data is released…

    Do you have financial problems? You sound as if you do and as opposed to criticizing those who don’t, perhaps you should ask for help. Even I would be willing to give limited advice.


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