4 thoughts on “Guess Who Was Discovered With Ties to Human Trafficking?”

  1. Robert A. McReynolds:
    This report released today is more explosive than is being reported.

    And it is only getting reported by conservative niche media, you know, those webzines that are shadowbanned by Big Tech so that only conservative political junkies get to see it.

    Which is why your liberal friends think you are loaded up with conspiracy theories, since they think that their Legacy Media sources would report it if it were true.

    President Trump is fighting a three front war against the Democrats, Big Media and Big Tech.

  2. Anyone notice the looks on those poor little girls’ faces? That tells the story right there.

    As for his son, the title of this post needs to be revised:

    What Hasn’t Hunter Biden Been Charged With?  It would save time, words and any editing.


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