The Paradox of Privacy

We’ve had all these statutes  protecting information about people: financial, medical, and the like, in the name of protecting their “privacy”.  But I’ve always known there are TWO kinds of privacy.  And Jeffrey TooBin has just illustrated the difference.
It was only a matter of time before something like this happened!   The kind of privacy I’m talking about is the  basic knowledge we all have, even though we very seldom talk about it: Everybody does certain things we don’t want anybody else to SEE us doing.  Solitary pleasures: picking our noses, scratching our asses, urinating and defecation, and: masturbating.  Fiddling with our privates is, indeed, the final bastion of privacy.

In Dave Eggers ’ great book the Circle,  which I heartily recommend,   The stalwarts of the company representing a thinly disguised Google live by the slogan: Privacy is Theft.  People go “transparent” meaning everything they do, all day and night long, is live-streamed to..millions.  The one exception is they may turn off the camera when they go to the bathroom. I really dk why stop there.... [Read More]



My pace is calmer, my stress is high but my anxiety is low. Contrary to popular thought, stress is good, it is the anxiety during it that kills you. We need stress to grow and maintain.

Celebrating the Red Headed Irish Wisecracker’s return to walking without cane we took our road trip. No longer tethered to an office by today’s technology, we did the minimum to keep our business running from 7 different motels, drove 3100 miles over 10 days, celebrated eldest grandaughters 12th birthday in person and covered five western states.... [Read More]


Accomplish Fate!

“..Know that,when all words are said/And a man is fighting mad,/Something drops from eyes long blind/He completes his partial mind!/ For an instant stands at ease,/ Laughs aloud, his heart at peace./Even the wisest man grows tense/With some sort of violence/Before he can accomplish Fate/Know his work, or choose his mate.”

(Yeats, from Under Ben Bulben)... [Read More]


What is the deal with the NY travel advisory map?

Is it me, or does the New York/ New Jersey/ Connecticut travel advisory map look like an electoral map? I don’t understand this map  that the overlord Gov Cuomo has come up with. Apparently he’s also trying to force Connecticut residents to quarantine for 14 days if coming to NY. Uhhh, WHAT??!!! Good luck enforcing that one, Andy.

But what do you think about this map? This doesn’t have anything to do with the virus, because no one is actually quarantining. But I’m thinking this has something to do with the election. Maybe not wanting NYers to leave for fear they may vote in other states, if they have residency there? I don’t know but something going on with these travel restrictions.... [Read More]


Say Again!

B. Hussein is holding a drive-in rally on Independence Mall?  How is that even possible?
Sheesh, I reckon they’ll hafta drape the nearby Constitution Center in black…..
Do you know the story of the  Unknown Speaker, the mysterious gent who stood up in Carpenters’ Hall, (its doors and windows locked despite the summer heat) while the treasonous Declaration was being debated.?  He gave a thrilling exhortation to the assembly.
There are many mysterious, mystical theories about the identity of the golden-tongued orator, the very midwife of our  nation, who seems to have been able to walk through walls and pass unnoticed among the fairly small group of tense, sweaty patriots steeling themselves  to risk the noose or the firing squad fir the sake of their children and children’s children, as he encouraged them to do. I’ve read that Reagan used to quote from his oration.
Was this an eternal being who has appeared and intervened many times in history?  Was he Samuel, was he St. Joseph, was he the Comte de St. Germain? (Yeah I know you’ll be wondering what Le Comte is doing in this illustrious company, but there is an entire church, the “I Am” church,  centered around worship of him as an “ascended master” and his later earthly incarnations— and it has a large shrine and chapter in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park on the Wissahickon, near Valley  Forge.)

What-EVS!    It’s time for this Speaker- Be he who he may!  to revisit the scene of his American triumph: let him take over the car radios of the assembled Biden-bumper-sticker-bozos, let him cast the Woke into a magical slumber!
Okay, I’m desperate,  yes.  Has-been Hussein must not he suffered to pee into the cradle of our liberty, unmolested.


John Roberts Facilitates Stolen Election

John Roberts joined the three remaining Commies on the Bench to allow for election ballots with NO post-mark to be counted three days after the election. I have been saying that the Dems will know how many “votes” they need over the course of three to ten days after the election, and here is Roberts backing me up with his gutless ruling.

Folks, you are going to be governed by the approved people even if it means complete destruction of whatever was left of our republic. Never again, will we be allowed to choose someone who does not come from the ranks of the political class. Open rigging of the election and yet we still sit on our hands. Whatever, I am going to be able to make some money as a lawyer in this stupid system we have allowed them to construct so let’s just get this over with.... [Read More]