… The Arctic continues to defrost.  Oceanographers furiously write research funding proposals and beg for ship time.  Uncle Al walks a different path:  Find a competent purveyor and do it.

Message bottles are real trhuth,
2020 Arctic message bottle drop

“Best efforts will not substitute for knowledge.” W. Edwards Deming


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  1. Talking about the Arctic — Hampton Sides book “In the Kingdom of Ice” is an absolutely fascinating account of the voyage of the USS Jeanette in the late 1870s to explore the Arctic.  Even at that late date, knowledge of the Arctic was very limited, and there was then a respectable scientific hypothesis that beyond the ice encountered by whalers there might be open water and even possibly an undiscovered continent.  The author brings the cast of characters to life, including New York newspaper publisher Gordon Bennett who funded the expedition.

    Of course, things went pear-shaped with the voyage, and — not a spoiler — they did not find the hoped-for open Arctic ocean.  But, to return to Uncle Al’s interest, much was learned about the movement of Arctic ice.  It is an incredible tale — a real page-turner.

  2. Gavin Longmuirsays:
    #1 2020-10-13 at 17:09 UTC  [Quote]

    “much was learned about the movement of Arctic ice.”

    … Arctic ice flow, 1984- 2019 from polar satellite photos. My pitch – we know where polar flotsam goes. We do not know where it is found.

    … The Bay of Biscay is quite the garbage pail. An Arctic bottle drop touches near every Atlantic shore. The long thin island to the east of Barents Sea is special…the Tsar Bomba! 73.80722; 54.98167


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