Trump abortion treatment

Fake News alert. I suppose you all saw that thing about President Trump’s Regeneron cocktail being made from fetal cells.

Not true; the test is made from hamster cells.

The Fake News mangled the story about a quality test that Regeneron uses; the QA test is derived from a line of cells that did originate from aborted fetal cells. The abortion took place in 1972 (yes, nearly 50 years ago), and the line of cells has been propagated ever since.


3 thoughts on “Trump abortion treatment”

  1. Kudos to media critic Julia Duin for running this down. She says:

    “The story would have not gotten the same reaction had the headline said the abortion was close to 50 years ago. The original made it sound like tissue from the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic got rushed over to Walter Reed.”

  2. Taking the Lamstream Media at face value (I know a fool’s errand), wouldn’t their version of the story confirm Q theories about the power elite drinking the blood of babies to stay young and virile?

  3. Moo meat bad, cultured meat good (OK, snail vomit – but tastes must change).  Crowd fund a cultured meat startup whose seed stock is volunteered human prime rib, myostatin (MSTN) gene loss-of-functioned into double muscle.  “Made from people by people for people.”

    (The real financing will be military – a Boston Dynamics-type  revision of “soldier.”)


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