I don’t know who broke this story.  So far it looks like it was first noticed by Steve Krakauer.  National Review jumped on it early, as did

At the Confirmation Hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, there was this exchange.  Mazie Hirono was on the attack and offered this criticism:

“You use the term sexual preference to describe those in the LGBTQ community,” Hirono said. “Let me make clear: ‘sexual preference’ is an offensive, an outdated term. It is used by anti-LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual orientation is a choice. It is not.”

To which Judge Coney Barrett replied:

“I certainly didn’t mean and would never mean to use a term that would cause any offense in the LGBTQ community. If I did, I greatly apologize.”

Of course, the language of intersectionality changes at the speed of sound.  Six years ago I got a scolding for using the term “lifestyle.”  The scolding I received (at R>) was the first I knew that the term could possibly offend, since I had been reading an essay that had only been written two or three years beforehand by an activist in that lifestyle.

Now the really interesting aspect of this exchange was that, before the sun set on that day of the hearing, the dictionary changed.  Mirriam Webster revised the entry for “Preference.”

As recently as last month, Webster’s Dictionary included a definition of “preference” as “orientation” or “sexual preference.” TODAY they changed it and added the word “offensive.”

Insane – I just checked through Wayback Machine and it’s real.

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— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) October 14, 2020

Yes, the Leftists marched through the institution of Mirriam Webster as well as most of the rest of the publishing industry.

Despite Democrats’ claims that Barrett gravely misspoke and that her words warranted an apology, many Democratic politicians including Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and Senate Judiciary Committee members Dick Durbin and Richard Blumenthal recently used the word in public settings and received no pushback.

And there are many instances of very recent use of “sexual preference” by partizans on the Left.  It is just so hard to keep up these days.

The article at provides several example of recent use of “preference.  The article at National Review provides other examples of Mirriam Webster changing the dictionary to favor Leftist language trends.  The article at PJ Media provides an example of Joe Biden using “preference” just a couple of months ago.  I will put links in a comment.

Their side really means to bring western civilization to an end.


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  1. Now this is interesting.  A few years ago I read an article on Aeon (the online magazine) Written by a gay man who said gays were moving away from the “it’s not a choice,”  mantra.
    That was useful at first, because it made any dissent akin to rejecting handicapped people!  Blaming the victim! But now the thinking homosexuals don’t need it and were  moving on.
    One reason was, if it’s such a great lifestyle, why WOULDNT you choose it?  But the primary reason was, if you accept the “we can’t help it” position, then  you also have  to accept pedophilia.  People with that propensity didn’t “choose” it, either.
    Looking  back, Maybe that was kinda a watershed moment: give up the “innate propensity” position and say “I choose to be gay” or trans, etc.— or: embrace ALL non heterosexual propensities, yes even pedophilia, as acceptable and beyond condemnation simply because they ARE innate.
    The author of the piece I read propounded  the first alternative, but it now appears he lost out.  (Cue  Q!)  Look for the  phrase  “child molestation” to go the same way as “sexual,preference”.  It’s “hateful”!  And it offends those people who have always known, since birth, Or since puberty anyway,  that the only thing which really turned them on  was diddling in the orifices of toddlers. It’s not a choice, okay?!?!?

  2. And to my comment #5 above, let me add:

    you can’t* logically distinguish pedophilia from adult sexual activity, hetero or homo,  by saying  that all “children” ( admittedly we need to question who is a “child” for these purposes)  are incapable of consent to sexual activity and thus all Juvenile partners of pedophiles  are ipso facto “victims”—

    while at the same time assuming that children, even prepubescent children, are capable of declaring their own gender,  and should  be, and are being, administered pharmaceuticals and provided with prostheses, or given surgery to alter their bodies pursuant to their declaration.

    If kids are old enough and compos  to demand drastic irrevocable “treatment“  for having been born in the wrong body, then  they’re certainly old enough and compos  enough  to desire and appreciate sexual pleasure and to give consent to relations with adults if they want to.

    *(Can you?  Does anybody think I’m missing something here? )

  3. @MJBubba I got a pearl clutching, hysterical reaction to calling the gay life a “lifestyle” as well on the legacy site. I pushed back on it because they were making an emotional argument and not a rational one, but that is what happens when you try to put lipstick on a pig. It’s not a lifestyle….. Ok, then what is it?

    It’s not a preference….. Ok, then what is it? I’m really getting tired of this crap.

    This country is run by a bunch of freakin babies. WHAAAA I lost… WHAAAAA. Geez it’s pathetic.

  4. Hypatia:
    Does anybody think I’m missing something here?

    You are very much on target.

    The Left does not have logical consistency regarding either sex or language.  They want to have every point both ways.

    They get away with it because Big Media and Big Tech boost them and censor us.

    The Jacobins have always favored deviancy and perversion.

    Fifty years ago Bob Hope joked that California had made it legal to be gay:

    “I’m moving out before they make it mandatory.”

  5. I demand a s Soviet of California law that mandates sperm banks service gays (reparations) and deny heterosexuals (fomenting microaggression).

  6. Look,

    Satan runs that show. It is clear to anyone who follows Christ.

    If you are a non-believer, then understand they worship their own pride ad if it were God. Satan is the mythical symbol of sled worship.

    The results are the same.


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