Demoni(t)zed science

What happens when we dump liberate astounding amounts of transcultural global climate awareness; then money, time, labor, computation, infrastructure, and hype into something that does not matter? It still doesn’t matter. Published in the journal Plants People Planet (possibly pronounced “trippy”).
… “Understanding photothermal interactions will help expand production range and increase genetic diversity of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.),” DOI:10.1002/ppp3.10158

“We phenotyped 324 genotypes across nine locations over three years to assess their phenological response to the environment of major lentil production regions and to predict days from sowing to flowering (DTF) using a photothermal model.”

The results?
… 1) Some types of lentils grow better than others depending on when and where they are planted, and the weather that year;
… 2) More studies are needed.
Ask a farmer.


2 thoughts on “Demoni(t)zed science”

  1. Some years ago I read in an article discussing the overwhelming fraction of scientific publications in English that one of the most eminent researchers working on a certain kind of algæ published only in French in a French journal.  Another biologist said “it doesn’t matter, because nobody is interested in that stuff anyway and nobody reads his papers.”

  2. Did we omit politicized omni-gendering and empowered congenital inconsequentiality?

    “Training tomorrow’s scientists,” Science 370(6512) 44 (2020), DOI:10.1126/science.abd9804
    … “Prioritizing STEM diversity, equity, and inclusion requires rethinking graduate education” “How do you engage with an institution that was not designed with women or people of color in mind?”

    Uh…put bidets and do-rag dispensers in every lecture hall?  Grade reparations, unshackle dorms to house the homeless, create culturally non-aggressive campus languages:

    “എന്‍റെ പറക്കും-പേടകം നിറയെ വ്ളാങ്കുകളാണ്?”
    “నా విమానము అంతా మలుగు చేపలతో నిండిపోయింది!!!”


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