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  1. Gavin Longmuirsays:
    #2 2020-10-21 at 03:41 UTC  [Quote]

    That kind of protection worked well for Mr. Epstein, didn’t it?

    Epstein was the lock on nearly every Democrat in the Politburo – especially the Clintons, especially the Hildebeast.  SCOTUS John Roberts, too.  Epstein was cut out like a cancer.

    The Bidens will be meritorious blood sacrifices for the good of the Party, especially after the hugely rigged election, then 21 January 2021.  All prior sins will be forgotten as the Biden seditious criminal empire is protractedly flogged to death in kangaroo courts…and Obamanation’s stain also power washed.  See?  Socialism done right!

    All personal assets above the national average will be confiscated and redistributed, aside from those in power, public or sub rosa.  America, then a circus tent absent poles and bursting with riot clowns, will be suddenly borderless.  The world shall feast upon the fatted paschal lamb.

    Rome was felled by a gate opened from the inside.  It was 1000 years for Western civilization to recover.  Portland cement reappeared 1400 years later,  1824, via mason and bricklayer Joseph Aspdin.


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