Accomplish Fate!

“..Know that,when all words are said/And a man is fighting mad,/Something drops from eyes long blind/He completes his partial mind!/ For an instant stands at ease,/ Laughs aloud, his heart at peace./Even the wisest man grows tense/With some sort of violence/Before he can accomplish Fate/Know his work, or choose his mate.”

(Yeats, from Under Ben Bulben)

Maybe this is what people mean by being “in the zone”.  I’m hoping Trump is there tonight.  Let him laugh aloud, let him stand at ease, let him  “complete his partial mind”, by which the poet meant, I think, be vouchsafed the vision of  the  larger historical picture and know his place in it, the pettiness of the moment transcended.

Trump is “of “ America, in the sense Yeats meant when he wrote “I am of Ireland/And the holy land of Ireland..”  Only America could have produced Trump.  I hope tonight America will see him as our scion.


5 thoughts on “Accomplish Fate!”

  1. America has only two quantitative endeavors:  Money and achievement.  If you want to live a good life in America, be wealthy and/or competent.

    Detroit unions delivered the assembly lines good lives in exchange for hard work: detached homes, motorboats, motor homes, comfortable families.  But…the unions always wanted MORE.  When robotics became cheaper than flesh, much cheaper long term re pensions, the union business model collapsed.

    If Blacks feel disenfranchised from the 21st century, take note:  Your “good life” ticket is hidden under your work boots or diploma.  20 years of eating crap buys 50 years of comfort and joy.  Turn of the 20th century European immigrants learned that lesson.  Mexicans in the 21st century, too.  They will be your bosses if you do not American up.

  2. No, ‘fraid  not,  Nunc.    That sounds like “meritocracy” to me.  For too long the best and smartest and most competent people have been on top of the heap.  They earn degrees.  They work and earn money,  and next thing you know they’ve married somebody of the same privileged background and  reproduced!  They read to their children, even though they know  that there are kids out there whose parents don’t or can’t!  Then they “hothouse” (a term I’ve actually seen used) their children, meaning they have the unmitigated gall to try to put them in schools with other children of people like them , who want to, y’know, learn.  It is so…white!   It’s intolerable, and it has gone on much too long.

  3. Pencilvania:
    He needs to say , in my opinion, just what this gent advises: “America is not racist, period.”  – if you have not yet watched this from the Claremont Institute, it is clear and concise and American.

    Just listened to the whole thing.  Fantastic.  I wish everybody would listen.

    i also just watched the full Trump interview with Stahl.  My favorite part: she asked, can you characterize your supporters?  He said, “Yes, I think I can.  They’re people who love  America .”
    He gets us!


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