My pace is calmer, my stress is high but my anxiety is low. Contrary to popular thought, stress is good, it is the anxiety during it that kills you. We need stress to grow and maintain.

Celebrating the Red Headed Irish Wisecracker’s return to walking without cane we took our road trip. No longer tethered to an office by today’s technology, we did the minimum to keep our business running from 7 different motels, drove 3100 miles over 10 days, celebrated eldest grandaughters 12th birthday in person and covered five western states.

As we left Lesser Wokeistan for the less woke regions of eastern WA, ID, UT, NV and eastern OR, it was fun watching the covid anxiety lift in the people’s faces.

This is a fantastic country with many wonders in people and places. I highly recommend it. I have been to all 50 states and found character and interest in all of them.

Bryce Canyon NP- about 9000 ft.

Driving through NE Nevada. A pleasant loneliness.

I do believe I can now observe the next two weeks in the right frame of mind. We either win another round or begin the long slog back.


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3 thoughts on “Recharging”

  1. Check the newspaper Obit column first thing each morning.  If your name is in there…get up anyway, and snarl.

    [caption id="attachment_44379" align="alignnone" width="412"]Granny done good. Thereafter, the world ran wild.[/caption]

  2. Cyrano:
    Did you get to visit Cedar Breaks when you went to Bryce?  IMHO, a real gem.

    Yes we did. Glorious sunny day with biting cold wind at 10000 feet. Hidden gem.



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