Hunter Biden hard drive

“Family, all in this together
Family, we’re taking a chance
Family, like birds of feather
Family, kick off your shoes and dance”

Pervert Bidens
The Bidens at home
… The Hunter humdinger. NSFW.

Kick it off the ticket and out of government.


12 thoughts on “Hunter Biden hard drive”

  1. Well, this is interesting.  This post was published at 2020-10-30 21:35 UTC.  Almost at the same time, I received the following E-mail in the account I use for administrative tasks (the time in the E-mail is local time in Central European Standard Time [MET]).

    Twitter lock-out message 2020-10-30 21:35 UTC

    Note that the best tradition of Kafka, there is no citation of the post which caused the supposed “violation”, but an unguarded threat that repeated infractions may lead to sterner measures and an exhortation to “Proceed to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account”.  The “Go to Twitter” button is simply a link to which doesn’t even direct one to the account which supposedly offended.  Going there provides no clue as to what one might do to “fix the issue with your account.”

    I hadn’t seen anything posted recently which seemed to me to merit such a response, so I went to the Ratburger_org Twitter account and saw, at the start of the posts listed (highlight mine):

    Ratburger_org Twitter feed, 2020-10-30

    From the position of the “no longer available” message in the timeline, as well as its timing, I presume it was this post which triggered the “violation”.  The picture that appears in the post was copied from the cited article on ZeroHedge.  The other link contains a raunchy video of what purport to be images from Hunter Biden’s laptop, but I don’t think that link would have appeared in the automatically-generated tweet announcing the post (which I can’t see, of course, since it has been scrubbed).  What I don’t know is whether, in addition to the content of the tweet itself, they are also vetting the contents of links cited in the tweet, which would have been to the Ratburger article which, in turn, linked to the page with the video.

    Sleep well.  The gatekeepers are awake.

  2. Interestingly, the picture which appears in this post also appears in the following ZeroHedge tweet which is up on Twitter at the moment and presumably has been since it was posted on 2020-10-21.

    Further, the ZeroHedge tweet from 2020-09-23 announcing the article linked in the main post remains up.

  3. Next, I tried to log in to the Ratburger_org Twitter account (which I hardly ever access directly, as postings are made automatically to it when new posts are published on the site).  It wouldn’t let me log in until I provided it my mobile phone number, which it apparently requested and saved when I created the account on 2017-12-28.  After I entered the number, I received the following.

    Ratburger: Twitter account locked 2020-10-30

    Boo!  Happy Hallowe’en!  I guess I must wait until the morrow to learn what “additional tasks” may be required.  Deleting the account comes to mind….

  4. Like Mr. Westman, I never signed up — proudly never signed up.

    On a very few occasions, this lack has caused suspicious questions from people in positions of authority — Why don’t you have a Twitter account?   It would have been a badge of honor to be able to look them in the eye and echo our host — Because Twitter locked my account!

  5. When I am asked why I don’t have a Twitter account, my response is that all the people that I would want to follow on Twitter have been bounced off of Twitter.

  6. After twelve hours in Twitter Jail, logging in to the Ratburger_org Twitter account brought up this.

    Twitter: Remove this tweet, 2020-10-31

    Now, at least they reveal which tweet caused the account to be locked.  The only option is to delete it, which forfeits the ability to appeal this “enforcement action”.  Until it is deleted, the account remains locked and while other people can read it, nothing new can be posted.

    I removed the tweet…and summoned the Destructor.

    The Destructor

  7. I apologize for posting empirical fact.  I could take it down, or you could.  Feel free to memory hole it.

    After all, everybody in Orange County, CA voted for Biden.  The submitted numbers don’t lie.  There were no red caps in the voting lines.  Looking glass milk is good to drink.

    4 – 10 = 9 – 15
    Add 25/4 to both sides,
    4 – 10 + 25/4 = 9 – 15 + 25/4
    Write sides as complete squares,
    (2 – 5/2)^2 = (3 – 5/2)^2
    Take the square root of both sides
    2 – 5/2 = 3 – 5/2,
    add 5/2 to both sides

  8. MJBubba:
    Is on Parler ?

    No.  The plug-in we use is specific to Twitter and their arcane and proprietary API for programmatic posting.  I don’t know what, if anything, Parler supports for this but in any case I am not planning any further development of features for

    I have a personal Parler account, @Fourmilab, but I haven’t checked it for several months.

  9. Uncle Al:  “2=3”

    Thanks for that, Uncle Al.  Very entertaining!

    Of course, if we multiply both sides of the original equation by -1, we conclude that in reality -2 equals -3.

    The square root of -1 could not be reached for comment.  🙂


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